vulcanized rollers-rollers-silicon-rubber-coated rollersRubber coated rollers, wheels, covers

We rubberize metal and plastic rollers used in the printing industry, transport, construction, exploitation industry, forklift wheels, trolleys and other transport vehicles.

The surface of the rollers can be without grinding (textile pattern), cylindrically smoothly ground, or with vertical parallel grooves

Materials used for rubberizing are NR, SBR, BR, EPDM, NBR, NR / BR, SILICONE, POLYURETHANE RUBBER

Rubber dimensions with grinding of rollers / wheels: up to Ø 350 mm with a maximum length of 1500 mm

Rubber dimensions without grinding: up to Ø 500 mm with a maximum length of 6000 mm

We also produce rubber/silicon covers/tubes (brushed or unpolished ) for metal or plastic rollers