About us

Vulcanization Pasarić produces reinforced rubber hose from the 1990. Today Vulcanization Pasarić has an important role as a manufacturer of rubber reinforced pipes on the teritory of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany and other countries. We are able to offer wide range of products and services to many industries.

The majority of our products are produced according to the customer’s specific request, so we have perfected the manufacturing process in a way that allows us to approach every product with the most attention. In our production program, which is constantly developing and expanding, we use only proven quality materials, designed to meet the demand and need of the product itself.

The materials used in our production are: NR, SBR, BR, NBR, CR, EPDM and silicone.

All the hoses that we manufacture and sell are high quality replacement (not original) hoses. 

Download our Product Catalogue

In order to ensure best user expirience, we prepared Vulcanization Pasarić Product Catalogue, in which you can find described in details our products – rubber and silicone tubes, Rubber rolls coating and coating services in detail. If you preffer, now you can download PDF document and take a look of all our silicone and rubber products out of web viewer, and even print it if you prefer.

(Note: In order to be able to view our Product Catalogue, you need to have installed PDF viewer. If you don’t have it, please download it from following link.